Season 5
Business Growth
Online Marketing

Jesse Doubek

Founder and CEO

In Season 5, Episode 30 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with the Founder and CEO of InfluencerSoft, Jesse Doubek.

Sometimes, what you think is going to happen in your life, and what becomes your reality, is a journey you never expected. And one that is more amazing than you could have ever dreamed.

That’s how Jesse Doubek sees his life…now.

During his college years, he expected to gain fame on the court, becoming a professional basketball player. He had the talent, drive and focus, but in a single moment, all his dreams tragically ended, when he blew out his knee in a career stopping injury.

With overwhelming debt, and a crushed spirit, he had to move back into his dad’s house, just so he could make ends meet. At that point, he had no idea that this devastating change in plans would create a Cinderella story of a very different sort.

Jesse Doubek is now one of the most successful online marketers of our time. As Founder and CEO of Influencer Technologies, his unique spin on the way influencers need to develop their businesses and marketing strategies, led to the opportunity to work with some of the greatest online entrepreneurs in the world, including NYT Bestselling Authors like Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and Sonia Choquette.

His unique insights helped him drive a documented $10M+ in sales, and his training programs have helped students attract thousands of fans, leads, and sales through live events, online training, and coaching.

Now he sees an even bigger vision for the future. Because marketing influencers is a completely different ballgame, he’s created an unbeatable trifecta under Influencer Technologies, with three exceptional companies specifically designed to take influencers to the next level.

By combining the know-how of his done-for-you marketing agency (Influencer Digital), with InfluencerSoft, the innovative software that helps influencers grow their businesses faster, and also adding in the top-notch mentoring and coaching that all business owners need, with the Influencer Mentoring division, he has developed a completely unique and highly successful way for influencers to make their significant impact on the world.

If you’re an influencer ready to expand your reach, Jesse and his team of MVPs are the experts you need in your corner.

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Br& Architect, Founder, Author Of Kate DiLeo Branding: Kate DiLeo AKA The Brand Boss - S5E29 (#186)
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Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 5:00:00 AM


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